Kids, Food Allergies, and Bullying

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Is your child being food bullied? Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Today, more kids have food allergies than ever before. More than 25% of those kids say they've been teased about their food allergies. Most of the teasing happens at school, as a parent, there're few things you can do to make sure your child doesn't encounter bullying or serious health risks.

Kids are reluctant to talk about bullying, so look for these signs. Does your child bring home a full lunch box? This may mean, he's skipping lunch. Look for changes in eating and sleeping habits. Is your child afraid to go to school or showing signs of depression? If you suspect there's a problem, talk to your child then talk to the school and work with teachers and administrators to teach kids about the dangers of food allergies, and institute a no tolerance policy on bullying.

Finally, make sure your child's teachers know about your child's food allergies so they can help keep your child safe. Give your child an epic pen in case of an allergic reaction and help you little bit confidence that handle bullies. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to keep your family healthy and safe, check out all of our smart tips right here.