How to Spot Dyslexia in Young Kids

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with your smart tip for today, this one is about at your kids, dyslexia is a developmental reading disorder that affects healthy brain interprets language and symbols like letters, dyslexia does run in families but it doesn't have to limit your child's future success. Whoopi Goldberg and Governor Nelson Rockefeller are just two of many high achievers with dyslexia.

It's possible to identify kids as young as three who're at risk with dyslexia, here are simple ways to spot it in your child, the problem is getting dressed such as buttoning up wrong or putting shoes on the wrong feet. Confusing the names of colors say, calling green yellow and blue red, confusing under with over and up with down having problems with game to other kids the same age find really easy.

And finally does your child enjoy listening to stories, but really isn't interested in printed letters or words? Let your child's pediatrician know if she has any of these behaviors. The earlier a child is diagnosed and treated for dyslexia, the better her chances of succeeding. For more ways to protect your family's health, stay tuned and watch more of our tips.