How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tanya Altman with smart online safety tips for you and your kids. Kids are spending more and more time online with one click they could post a picture or send something into cyber space where it will stay forever. To help you and your children avoid doing something online they might regret remember these simple tips.

Don't email when angry, don't hit send until you're calm because you can't take it back, put your electronic toys to bed early, turn off the electronics an hour before bedtime and store them out of the bedroom. The flickering light from computer screens and cellphones keeps your brain awake and makes it hard to sleep.

Put photos to the grandma test. Remember not to upload any pictures you wouldn't want your grandmother or future employer to see. Keep personal info private. Don't reveal your school, where you live or other details that could make it easy for strangers to find you. Don't friend someone you don't know.

When in doubt, leave them out. Finally, be aware of cyber-bulling or harassment. I'm Dr. Altman, for more tips to keep your family safe, watch all our health smart videos, right here.