How Should I Monitor My Teen's Social Networking Use?

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So as the parents you have the right to know what's going on in your house. It is a very fine line especially with a teenager because you want to help them build towards independence, have a sense of privacy, have a sense of themselves without you spying on them, without you spying on them, but that trust needs to be earned.

So you might in middle school let them know, that there are going to be some safeguards on their computers, so you can check their usage, see that they are being responsible and how they use social media. And as they get older, truth is they're going to forget that those controls are on there.

But, you also want to say to them they are still here and I'm going to reduce them as long as you're trust worthy. If I get the sense that you're not being trustworthy, the implementation of controls will go back on, and you'll be monitoring what they're doing. The key thing as your kid get older is to encourage them to talk to you, and the way to do that is to be non-judgmental, to be supportive.

To let them fall down, and know that you will be there to help them get back up, because the only way they are going to learn is to make mistakes. So, be as involved as you can. Know all the different social media outlets. Know that there's Facebook, but there's Tumbler, there's [xx] there's cloud, there's all of these different things that are coming up all over the place, that kids are being involved in.

So know what they are, so you can check to see what's happening on all of them.