How Do I Teach My Kids Good Hygiene Habits?

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For a while it's just you, your baby, a bathtub and some baby wipes. But it takes more than that teach your kids about having great hygiene habits that will improve and maintain their health as they grow up. What are some proven guidelines for making sure that you are keeping things squeaky clean.

Let's start with their teeth Helen. Teeth are important, first off from the get go, don't prop a bottle ever in their mouth. Make sure that bottles are something that happen and get taken out, but they don't just get put in a car seat or something bottle propped and left there to fall asleep with milk in their mouth.

That can cause milk teeth. Second, we want every child to start having teeth hygiene, and that can be with a finger or one of those little Terry-Cloth finger gadgets that you can start doing a little bit of teeth rubbing, and gum rubbing that feels good on the teething baby. Do you use toothpaste? You can use a dub of toothpaste by the time they start having teeth, but you can be doing gum rubbing, even before those teeth have come out, so that they get used to having something around their mouth.

And then by the time you have teeth, you can use at first even just water and the toothbrush, but eventually a very small dub of toothpaste, because they will not know to spit it out yet and you want to make sure that they're not getting too much of a dosing of fluoride and you can be doing teeth brushing from 10, 11, 12 months and get them making that a fun game that they get to do with you.

This is back to that mirroring again, they can be learning that this is a fun thing you guys do together.