How Do I Create Healthy School Habits for My Child?

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[MUSIC] These days kids have lots in their plates. Like adults, they're also battling stress. It can cause headaches, stomach upset, teeth problems and more. So this back to school season creates an anti stress routine for the whole family. First off, at breakfast time avoid sugary cereals.

They create mid morning energy crashes, instead fuel up with energy sustaining proteins and good fats, like yogurt or almond butter on a whole grain toast. Secondly, after a hectic day guess what you can go ahead and tell the joke. Have a pellow fight. Last Tuesday proven way of reducing anxiety.

And thirdly, before bed try winding down together with a yoga breathing exercise. Here is how you do it. Lying in your backs and slowly breathe with belly expands then you can exhale slowly. Do it ten times and you will sleep better. [SOUND].