How Can I Teach My Child to Use Social Media Safely?

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The Internet is this big vast world that they will all not really sure how to harness or figuring out how to use. Teenagers are using it at a much more rapid rate than anybody. They are not talking on the Phone they're texting. They're not engaging with one another face to face, they're instant messaging or Facebook chatting or using their Tumblars to get messages across.

so it's important to teach them how to be responsible users of this vast media and that they are leaving a digital footprint behind, that they want to be clean and open, that they won't be ashamed of that they're proud of. So we need to model for them what that looks like. you don't want to put pictures of yourself up on Facebook that they're going to be kind of concerned about or you might be concerned about later, because then they're going to be like, oh my mum put a picture of herself up doing this, so why can't I? Model the behavior.

You don't want them to text and drive? Don't text and drive yourself. You want them to stay and have a conversation as you at on the table? Put your own Blackberry or iPhone plus shut the TV off. Have conversation. Lead by example, and the more you do that the more your kids will be aware of how they need to behave not only in the real world but also in the digital world.