How Can I Prepare My Child for the First Day of School?

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Preparing children for the first day of school can be a daunting task because sometimes parents are just as anxious as their children. So it's really important for you as the parents to monitor your own anxiety because your child is watching you, and going to pick up on that. So you want to make school seem like the most exciting fun place, that you cannot wait for them to go to, that they cannot wait to get to.

So you want to talk about all the things that they're going to be able to do, all the things they're going to be able to learn. If you know that your child might be a little bit more anxious than others, figure out how to get them into the classroom before school starts, how to meet the teacher before school starts, how to maybe meet some classmates and have some play dates before the first day at school, so they can walk in feeling more comfortable and knowing what to do.

And be prepared that some kids are going to have a really hard time with the transition of you leaving them in a classroom for the first time, know that it's going to happen and do your best to really stay calm and allow your child to be upset, and still walk away because chances are as soon as he or she gets involved in whatever is going on in the classroom, they will be fine.