How Can I Improve My Teen's Sleep Habits?

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Sleep hygiene is hard for everybody, but for teenagers especially it's a real challenge. So, it's important to start teaching them appropriate sleep habits early because if you don't, they're going to have a harder time concentrating, they're going to have a harder time regulating emotion, they're going to have a harder time getting things done and being effective.

We know teens don't get enough sleep already, we know that it affects their school performance and we're trying to promote the best school performance, we need to get them sleeping. So in order to do that take the computers out of their room at night. Have a rule that computers get shut off at a certain time.

Take their cellphones away. Teens will sleep with their cellphones next to them and their friends will be texting them at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, take it away, tell them they can have it back the next day and you won't necessarily check it, but get all of the electronics shut off because if they're in their rooms, they're going to be engaged with them and they will not sleep, impacting their morning routine, impacting their ability to focus and be productive during the day.

In addition to computers and cellphones that we always talk about. We want to think about TV's too. Kids are watching TV late in the night or playing video games late in the night. You want to really monitor screen time all the way around any screen that they may be part of, you may be able to shut down at a certain time of the night so that they can have enough sleep.