How Can I Help My Pre-Teen Develop Healthy Self-Esteem?

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Self esteem is a really important part of any child, teen, adult's life and it's so important for teenage girls and teenage boys and it's especially important to teach healthy self esteem in the pre-teen years. Because that's going to set the tone for how they feel around other people, how they interact with other people and what they do with other people.

So you want to get them involved. The best way to feel good in your body is to know what your body is like. So that may mean participating in sport, participating in dance. Just taking walks, getting involved in things that make you feel good. Because the more productive and positive you feel about the things you're involved in, the better you will feel about yourself.

That being said, there is a blip in self esteem, especially for girls in middle school. We have to be prepared for that and work to promote the things that you see them doing that are great. Rather than make it, oh you did such a great job, talk about the things that happened around the job, that they can see where there are successes and help build on those as much as possible.

One of the other things to really keep in mind is, appearance is all around us, and if we only praise appearance, which happens so often in girls, they're going to think that the only way they can be good, or feel good, or do good, is if they look good. So we really want to minimize that and talk about their accomplishment, talk about their strength, without it being about how they look, or how they're dressed or what their appearance is.

Build on their activities and their actions rather than on their appearance.