How Can I Help My Child Cope with Back-To-School Anxiety?

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Back at school with time of transition, transition creates anxiety in many teens, kids, parents, everybody, right? So you wanna really think about how to help that. You wanna start talking about how to be prepared as early as possible. Not in July but in the middle if August. When you can say okay, school is coming around the corner what do we need to do? How do we need to prepare? How do we need to get ready? And the more prepared someone feels, the less anxious they are because they are in control of their environment and they are in control of what is gonna happen.

Lot of variables may come come up as school starts, but the more prepared you can be going in, the better off you'll be. Some very concrete ways to navigate the back to school anxiety are to start to prepare early so get into your back to school routine, getting up at a certain time, planning your morning, getting your day structured.

Maybe you can go figure out where the locker is going to be, where the homeroomis going to be, who the teacher is going to be, and really get yourself starting to think about with your child what's coming up. You can also review what happened the year before. The good stuff that happened and what they might be excited about going back to school.

So you want to build up the excitement, which is a different kind of anxiety but a much more positive one.