How Can I Help My Child Adjust to Middle School?

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Middle School is probably one of the hardest times of transition, sixth grade might not seem so difficult. So you may think, oh, sixth grade was a breathing they made it through that time between sixth and seventh graders is the time really aware. It's often when puberty is hitting for more children, the clicks are getting greater, boys are noticing girls, girls are noticing boys, all of that stuff is changing and bullying is at it's height.

So we really want to be checking in, asking questions about what they are doing, knowing who they are hanging out with and just being an ear to listen ask as many open ended questions as you can to find out how they are doing and what they're doing, and then help guide them into making good choices amongst their friends.

So that they don't get sucked into the clique and the bullying as much as they might, and they can still feel confident in who they are, and confident in choices that they make.