How Can I Help a Perfectionist Child Who Is Easily Frustrated?

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Perfectionism really fits into a problem with anxiety, and the anxiety there is that it's not going to be right, it's not going to be okay and it can become kind of an obsessive behavior that if you make a mistake on a piece of paper, you have to start from scratch, you have to start over, and what that's going to do is it's going to prolong homework, it's going to prolong the time the project gets done, and it's going to create a lot of conflict in your home.

So you really want to be able to walk through how to modulate anxiety for your child, and that may mean working for 15 minutes and taking a three minute break, working for 15 minutes and taking a three minute break, being able to really check in with how their anxiety is going and really learning how to tolerate making a mistake, but if they don't have some coping skills on how to handle that tolerating a mistake isn't going to happen, and again if it keeps happening and you aren't able to help them, get some professional advice who are going to give them some real concrete strategies on how to handle it.