How Can I Find Out If My Child Is a Cyberbully?

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It's always hard to figure out if your child is on the negative end of cyber bullying or digital abuse. If they are the person who is bullying or abusing. And it's really important to start to do the exploration. So if you notice that they are hiding more things online or you even get any information externally given back to you that they the person who is doing the abusing and being a bully, you need to address that with your child.

You need to figure out why they might be doing it, you need to ask if they are doing it, you need to talk about how to stop doing it, because it isn't going to help them with building friendship, with building a positive sense of themselves. So it's always hard to even want to consider that your child might be on that end but there are probably signs they are hiding things online, they are engaging in social media usage behind your back, you are getting reports from people and they are like this is the problem, don't dismiss those things.

Really pay attention to them and then go talk with your teens and really figure out how to help them feel better about themselves this isn't how they have to feel like they gain friends and gain favor in their friendship.