How Are Different Child Temperaments Dealt With?

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Now early research on temperament shows about 70% of children fit three clusters of behavior. 40% could be characterized as easy and adaptable, 10 to 15% is a difficult child, negative, intense, slow to adapt, and 15% were classified as slow to warm up. Talk to us about challenging children Ellen? If your child is one of those in the difficult child category, it is worth working with your pediatrician, and your partner, and your village if you have one available to help you develop a great routine to play to your child strengths.

The child who is slow to adapt needs a solid routine with predictability to get them out of fight or flight mode, so they're not in constant hypervigilance. The shy child may need reliable predictable childcare or sitters, rather than shifting sands and multiple care providers.

You're basically changing the environment so they can learn to paddle more safely and securely and what feels to them.