Whole Grains and Healthy Gums

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra. What you pick up from the bread basket might have an impact on your pearly whites. Hopefully, you're already grabbing the whole grain goodies for their fiber and nutrition content. But now there's another reason to be choosy. Whole grains may also help defend against gum disease.

In a 14-year study, men who ate the most whole grains were 23% less likely to develop periodontitis, a form of gum disease, compared with the men who fail to get even one full serving a day. The biggest whole grain eaters ate roughly three and a half servings daily. That's the equivalent of two slices of 100% wholewheat bread, half a cup of cooked brown rice or whole grain pasta and half a cup of granola. Exactly how eating whole grains improves gum health isn't totally clear, but we already know that whole grains help make our hearts and our blood sugar healthier. And research on people with diabetes has found that lower blood sugar levels may mean lower gum disease too.

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