Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

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Hi I'm Dr Oz. If you've seen those teeth whitening kiosks in the mall maybe you want to think twice about shelling out $100. A bright smile is pleasing but you don't want to end up with a blinding shine or throw your money away with no results at all. Many quick glows are manned by anyone but a dentist.

In fact there so iffy that many states are trying to regulate the practice. Here is what to look for. What are they using for bleach? And how strong is it? The American Dental Association has approved that 10% carbonyloxide solution for using at home teeth whitening products, but dental bleaching doesn't pack a lot of whitening powder.

Who is doing the teeth whitening? Trained pros should be the only ones who deliver 15 percent, 35 percent hydrogen peroxide. Without medical oversight the risks go up. Also there's no one to make sure your tooth discoloration does not require dental therapy. Repetitive in office whitening and low concentrations of active ingredients gives longer lasting results, but don't do it more than once every two weeks or you will thin tooth enamel.

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