Gobble Yogurt for Healthy Gums

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Pop quiz, what super food in your fridge is also great for a healthy mouth? Hi, I'm Dr. Miller and the answer is yogurt. A recent study revealed that people who regularly ate yogurt were significantly less likely to have gum disease compared to people who never ate it at all. In the study, researchers performed dental exams on roughly 1000 middle age and older people, and also ask some questions about their eating habits.

The people who consumed the most yogurt or lactic acid rich rich pro-biotic drink, have the lowest risk of periodontal disease. The reason, healthy bacteria found in yogurt and other pro-biotic treats helps keep the bad bacteria in your mouth in check, including the kind of promotes periodontal disease. But be careful, some varieties of yogurt contain a lot of sugar, choose low sugar flavors or choose plain yogurt and add fresh fruit or honey to sweeten.

So for a healthy mouth open wide and have a serving of yogurt, check out all out smart tips right here.