Eat -- and Drink -- Right for a Better Smile

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Hi, Dr. Mike Roizen here with some simple tips for a brighter smile. In addition to brushing and flossing, these few simple steps can also help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Say no to bottled water, you'll help save your teeth and the planet by not drinking bottled water. After all, tap water has more [xx] protecting fluoride than most bottled water.

Munch on apples and Soury[sp?], I love them. Both contain substances that fight gum disease, plus their rough fibers texture helps scrub away food particles as you chew to brighten your smile. And snack on low fat, no sugar added yogurt, it's good for your gums. People who eat about two ounces of no sugar yogurt a day are less likely to have severe gum disease. Stock up on straws.

Tooth enamel is designed to be a coat of armor for your teeth. The acid induced sports drinks and soda erodes that tooth enamel, so sip sports drink and cranberry prune and citrus juices through a straw to limit your teeth's direct exposure. For more ways to stay younger, watch and share all of our smart tips.

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