3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental X-Rays

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a smart tip about dental X-Rays. Now, although dental X-Rays are generally safe, nobody needs extra radiation, so ask you dentist these three questions. Do you use high speed film? You want your dentist to use faster E or F speed film for conventional dental X-Rays. Older, slower D speed film delivers about 50% more radiation, though it's still widely used.

When do you take 3D scans? A 3D scan shows terrific cross-sectional images of your teeth and your jaw, but the radiation dose can be up to 67 times higher than convectional X-Rays. Two major dental groups recommend 3D scans only when regular X-Rays don't provide enough information. And finally, is the this X-Ray just routine? It shouldn't be.

You need X-Rays mainly when tooth cavity risk is high, a tooth aches, after a mouth injury or before certain procedure. Finally, always ask for a LED apron with a thyroid shield or collar to put it right over here. The thyroid gland is extremely sensitive to radiation, especially in kids. For more smart ways to take care of your family's health, watch all of our health tips, right here.