Why Am I Severely Obese?

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We're back with some of the fattest women in America and I have tried to convince them that living like this can be devastating to their health. Some of the women, have chosen to accept our help today. Now I can help with the great loss part of it, but first you may have to understand why they have such extreme issue of food that starts with the brains now with the stomach.

That's why I'm trained by Dr. Keith Ablow. Keith you said there's one question, everybody should be thinking about, who's suffering from weight issues, one question that we all have to ask ourselves. There is one question, and first let me just say you're here, it's the first step, it's a big deal, it's a great big deal.

It's fabulous, fabulous thing. And what I want you to do, because I think this is the beginning is to close your eyes and think about the answer to this question. So just close your eyes and think to yourself, who in your life, told you that you are worthless. I know that's a tough question, it's not a happy thing to ponder and yet, and you can all open your eyes, that's where we begin, because someone told you guys, that you can't do anything, because you can.

I know you don't agree with me but I really, I never had anyone in my childhood or anyone tell me that I was worthless. I had a great mother I had a great family. I don't think that that's the answer to why I'm overweight, It's offensive to me that you say that because of this process something that I do have, it's insulting.

Okay, and I accept the strengths you have in your life. I'm not saying your life's a wreck at all. What I'm saying is, people get to know each other, when they share pain. Connecting to people is but what have you survived? One of the things you told me you had survived was look, okay my father, by the time I was one year he was out of my life.

That weighs on you I picked the word for a reason. Does it weigh on you? Obviously not necessarily no, Honestly not necessarily. Because I had a stepfather that replaced him, he was 10 times more beneficial to me than my dad. Okay, for the moment let's credit this heroic man, with coming into your life and righting some of the wrongs, of the past but, what were the answers that you folks came up with.

Doctor I understand what Mimmi is saying, but one thing even when we were speaking to each other backstage and listening from the monitor these women's stories, I noticed one common thread and that's absentee father and unfortunately I don't care what man steps into your life, that's a substitute.

We want the real thing as women, we deserve the real thing, so what we tend to do is we substitute that daddy love for food and I know that was my background and because of that I felt neglected. So, and Sean if you could talk to your dad, your biological father now and tell him what it meant for him to have left you, what would you say? My situation was that my father had another family and I grew up feeling that he choose them over me and my sister, because it is still tearing at me.

You are tearing up inside. Why? Because this still, in my opinion, it still continues. It's still them, over me and my sister there is by my mum. So I will say to him, why them and not us? I will tell you now you are adult and I want to move on and hear other stories too, but as a child, you can't make head and tails of that.

It's in explicable. You would never, do what you just did as a kid and say oh, he was a flawed man, he had made decisions that were bad. As a kid you know what you think? You think I'm no good.Yes.I'm not lovable. So Lisa, what were you thinking about? I was thinking that my father left when I was very young, and obviously this is a common thing here today and also there are people on my father side of the family who favored my sister over me, she is blonde and thin and I was always the fat one and so they're people in my family who treated me differently and I still feel the pain to this day, from that.I know you feel the pain even with the destruction and pleasure, that food brings you, routinely.

My question is, are you willing to take a journey? You to be willing to do it to get rid of that weight. You're going to have to say, okay, this thing I relied upon, my crutch, my buffer between myself and reality, okay I'm putting it down. Yeah, I've been in therapy for year and a half so, that's definitely helping.

Okay and maybe we can do more and we will see about that but start. That will be wonderful. What about you, when you closed your eyes and I said, who first told you in your life that you were worthless? What were you thinking? My mother. Tell me. You have to excuse me, I'm a cry baby but I'm.