What Should I Do If I'm Morbidly Obese?

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That was the last time I saw Coreleen, six months ago. I gave her that ultimatum and sent her into treatment. So we sent Coreleen to Structure House. One of the top weight loss centers in the country. So this is going to be your schedule, you're going to be meeting with dietitians, personal trainers, we're going to be meeting a couple of times a week to talk about really trying to understand your relationship with food.

How does that sound? It's just hard at times feeling hungry. Once Coreleen settled in she was assigned a personal trainer who put her straight to work. Hi, how are you feeling today? When I've come up with Coreleens workout that really focused on mostly muscular enduring that, keep throwing, get mad, harder, harder Coreleen, arms up higher, you can scream if you want.come on harder.

Five seconds, push, push, come on don't give up, that's it. That's it. How are you feeling? Out of breath. Even her walking was bio-mechanically incorrect. Toe heel, toe heel, slow it down Coreleen, there you go. I've taken a lot of fitness, I really like getting in the pool. And then I've done yoga and things that I never in a million years thought that this body could ever do.

So then I'm going to back you in? The fear was really there. Are you really going to make me get out of this chair and walk 50 feet ? Oh, yeah I am going to do it. Next, Coreleen had to tackle her deep seeded issues with food. My biggest challenge is eating three times a day and that's it.

Starch with fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables which I've eaten more of in the last two weeks than I have in my whole life. I struggled a lot with the food. I realized how far I had gone and what I had let happen to me. My biggest challenges while I'm here is being away from everyone.

It's hard to go to bed without my husband, I miss him. By not having the food to turn to, you have all that emotion come to the surface that the food's been stuffing down for so long. I'm going home today, my biggest issues are going to be the temptation and availability of food in general.

I'm completely confident that Derrick and my family are on board and are going to support me. The only hiccup in the process is going to be that everyone has their own issues with food. I would ask that if you are not making healthy choices that you you make those choices in private.

I'm not perfect and I'm not going to make all these changes overnight but I'm trying really hard and I really want to show you guys that and I just want to give me the chance to show you that. Coreleen is back stage. She is here to face me and her truth. When we come back, we're going to find out if Coreleene fulfilled her promise to lose 100 pounds and take control of her life..