What Happens to My Heart If I'm Severely Obese?

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We're back with women who are striving to be fat. This year at age 48 Pauline Porter was crowned the fattest woman in America. Now she tips the scale at almost 700 pounds but it paying the ultimate price for her world record title this is her story My name is Pauline. I'm 48 years old and I hold the 2012 Guinness World Record for the heaviest woman living.

All of my life I have been heavy, I started getting chunky at the age 8. By the time I was in seventh grade I weighted about 220. I did fall in love with a great guy who loved big women. I was 500 when I met him was 600 when we got married. He did definitely did let me know that if I gained weight, it was okay and I think with that I relaxed and ate anything and everything and it just got out of control.

There's not one positive thing about being overweight. I get shortness of breath, I need help getting dressed, I need help up and down on the after the cowage [xx] my son Gillian helps me with so many things, it's a huge burden to put down on your child. It's the simple things, the days I spent in bed hearing life going on without me.

The fact that I cant just get up and go check the mail. Everything is hard, why would somebody choose this? Pauline is [xx] in from her home in Sacramento, because she's unable to leave her home to come visit us. Pauline thanks for joining us. I thanks for inviting me. So Pauline, what do you have to say to women who want to be the fattest women in America, who wants your title? I think that I have immobility issues, I have health issues and have knee pain everyday, and this is not not a fun title, this is not a title that is a positive title, this, I think is a very negative title, but I used it to my advantage to get my story out there so that I could get help because I don't want to this way anymore.

Can I ask the uncomfortable question? How long do you think you're going to live? It is an uncomfortable question, and it's really not one I can answer, I think that I could drop dead of an heart attack at any moment for being this heavy. Tomorrow is not promised to me and that's my biggest fear is that I'm not going to wake up tomorrow.

Pauline, thanks for being painfully honest in telling your story to help these women on the stage. Take care. Thank you. So, I don't want to allow any of you to become Pauline. And I've been thinking about, how we can shift the discussion so that you can understand how as a physician I feel about the human body.

So, I'm going to ask you to come join me so that I can show you why this is so disastrous to your health, unambiguously. So if you please don't mind come join me, I've set up some trays here. You can go on to the side, thanks Renee. I'll make some more room in a second. So let's go head down this way.

These are hearts. Are they real? These are real human hearts. I'm gong to ask you not just to touch it, but I'm going to ask you to hold these hearts close to your heart and if you're willing to, pick up the hearts. Now I have done my share of heart surgery, I know how devastated the heart can get, but I want you to hold those hearts to your heart.

So just sort of on your chest right there. This heart is remarkably powerful, It's the size of your fist normally, the fist doesn't get much larger as you gain weight, sto the heart stays the same size. Look how small it is, compared to your bodies, so this must have to happen all the time this is the heart of somebody who was overweight go ahead hold up to your chest look at the comparison of those two, the heart doesn't do a lot of different things in order to keep up with the weight you're gaining now I notice Renee you didn't pick the heart up.

I'm going to ask because I have someone [xx] but don't pick up an organ before. I'd seen pictures of the heart. I don't really need to hold it. It's a new [xx].