Is Being Obese Related to Having Debt?

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Lets go through the symbolism now of it, I've got three scissors for you.All right. We're going about to do financial surgery everybody. I need the rotation. Who are you going to cut? Let's see, Monica one, two Doc, Right? We have women here who have credit cards, and they are using their credit cards and they shouldn't be using their credit cards especially you my dear Kelly, look at all of these cards.

Can you all see these cards? It's like playing a deck of cards here you all see that. Now this is like, seriously, if you were an alcoholic, this would be like having ten bottles of liquor right in front of you. If you're somebody who loves to eat it's like having chocolate and everthing in front of you.

Cut it up girlfriend. Yeah, go on. Go on cut them up. So while they cutting their credit cards I need you to cut something too. I need you to cut all the junk food, I want you to remove it from the home. You make the big decisions in the supermarket not at the home so if it's not there you can't eat it, and finally face it.

Face itYou have to face it. Why is it so important to tell others about your debt? Because you have to face it to erase, when others don't know that you have credit card debt, you tend to live this financial illusion. So once you've told everybody people won't ask you to do something that you can't afford to do.

And you know the same is true for your weight. It's true you can see it, but only you know how overweight you are. You need to commit to yourself to figure out, how much weight you want to lose and you need to lose and that makes the magic. Okay, Suze, let's do it. All right, so we want to show this audience what it's like to face it, to erase it, both with your health and your wealth.

So I want you to stand up and stay standing if you have credit card debt. I want you to stand up and stay standing if you want to lose weight. I want you to stand up and stay standing if you have credit card debt, car loan debt, student loan debt, mortgage debt, 401k loans, whatever, stand up.

I want you to stand up if you've got fat you want to get rid of on your thighs, in your buttocks, in your waist, under your chin, under your arms. Alright, hey, now you're all standing. Now here is what we want you to do. We said face it to erase it. Dr. Oz and I want you to turn to the person next to you and I want you to tell them how much debt you have doctor Oz, what do you want them to tell? And I want you to honestly tell them how many pounds overweight you are.

How many pounds are over there? I know it's painful but face up to it and while they are doing that, Suze Orman, what a blessed it is to have you.Thank you Dr.Oz. So everyone at home call someone and tell them right now. We'll be right back.