How Unhealthy Is It to Be Overweight?

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And Lynn what will be different in your life if you can lose 20 pounds? Well, I'm a singer, I'm an entertainer, so for me, it's huge confidence builder if I could just knock off more than 20 pounds, but 20 is a start. I respect all your ideas, but I'm going to take it one step further.

If I want you all to lose weight for all the different reasons that you all have, that you all have in common is that you have 20 pounds that is harming your health? And as a doctor, I'm much more focused on that than anything else going on here. So, in front of each of you is a diseased organ.

So, go ahead and turn around, pick that up if you don't mind and these organs represent the 20 conditions caused by being overweight. So, Dr. [xx] if you don't mind walk us through the 20 main diseases that are caused by obesity. Well, there's heart disease, and this of course is the most poetic of all of our organs and when it gets bloated like this, it's not good.

Hypertension and stroke. Stroke, the brain are the most unique organ what makes it so different? Again, when you see the destroyed brain, it changes your life for good. Diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, fatty liver disease. Fatty liver are a problem, a lot of you don't realize this, that you already have fat deposits in your liver.

[xx] artery disease, gallstones, even sleep apnea. When you're trachea and your breathing pipe is being closed off by fat you can't sleep and guess what happens then, you put weight on without even realizing it. Asthma, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's disease, angina, and kidney disease, and Endometrial cancer.

The uterus, something that makes the woman so unique, when it has cancer, all of these are caused to a large degree by hormone shift in our body because of the obesity that we have. Congestive heart failure, respiratory failure and [xx] this surfage your reflex put your flex tens of millions of Americans and they get it makes you miserable, takes your quality of life, so to explain how this works can we talk about inflammation so if you don't mind putting your organs down your hands, it's not just to root of this disease that I'm concerned about obesity, I'm talking about the inflammation which then causes increase quarter as all, the stress also builds on that and guess what your chemistry turns against you now when your chemistry turns against you, you are [xx], so metaphorically let's pretend that this parachute here is your body and we put this down here when it's calm.

When you are the right weight there is not a lot of inflammation, not a lot of irritation having them, but if you start adding weight to this and go ahead might to slowly start to get more inflammation and you get tenser and tenser and your buyers is like it and still you are bouncing up and down and with quarter all those flying them now you just lose one pound, all of a sudden, you start to lose these weights, you start to even make those small through nudges that we are talking about today, the inflammation comes down as you quench that inflammation that just one pound disappearing from your life changes dramatically the inflammation your body and happens like that.

You don't have to loose all 20 pounds to get the benefit it happens as soon as you start and you are going to start making that change today, because the first thing you have to decide right now is that you want to be healthy. You all want to work for that? We can make that happen today.

When we come back, when we come back, I'm going to reveal how you can lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks. It's doable and how you can keep it off for good. That's next..