How Does Severe Obesity Affect My Health?

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I'm only gonna ask you it because. What is the difference if I look at it, or watch this girls holding it up as if I do? I'd prefer not to. So. I know you prefer, I'm not gonna force you. You don't have to pick it up, I'm not pushing you there. I'm showing you horrors cuz I want you to face the reality of what, as a physician, I know is happening, despite what anything- Inside my body? Yeah.

Whatever, what else may be going on in your life, that's telling you otherwise, the chance of having a stroke if you're super obese, more that six times greater than normal. The chance of being diabetes 22 times greater. So now you've had a stroke, or you're immobilized cuz you had diabetes, and your feet can't be used any more.

Or maybe you lost your limbs, any part of your body that touches the bed gets infected. You become basically this paralyzed person, immobilized, in a wheelchair, in a nursing home. Where your family is an assistance in that rule. Completely alone, like a vegetable, blinking your eyes like this.

So here's the deal, I'll make it simple. Dr. Ambrone and I are here. I'm gonna take on the medical side, he's agreed to take on psychological issues. We got a big question for you, all right? Who wants to be here? Who wants to help? This is gonna be emotional, it's gonna be raw, it's gonna be really uncomfortable, and you know what? If you're not ready for it, with all the love and respect that can ever give another human being, I'm understanding of it, and I'd like you to be able to live with that.

But I can't help you change unless you're ready to change. So the question. If you don't want our help, I'm politely asking you to exit the studio right now. And I've got folks who will help you through, and it's been an honor to host you. That I'm understanding, so please. Thank you Renee.

Thanks for the [BLANK_AUDIO] [APPLAUSE] You're not leaving? All right, thank you. I'm sorry? My friend is being nosy.You're? Being nosy. >. You're being nosy? I'm just glad she got to stay, yeah. >>Wow. [LAUGH] Do they know what else? I can't tell you how important that is.Being nosy about things you don't know about, is how we get better as people.

Okay. All right. So when you're ready to make a change, there is one question you have to ask yourself right now that will start you on your journey to health. So whether you've got 300 pounds to lose, or you are 30 pounds over weight, we're gonna tell you how to start when you we come back.