Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Severe Obesity?

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I just don't. I pretty much raised myself and I've always had to learn how to survive and so. My father has never been around.And your mother wasn't kind? My mother just, she knew how, that's what she said. I love her to death, but the way she raised us is not how I would raise my children.

It wasn't acceptable. I'm okay with you loving her. I don't want you to love her to your death. Okay. Cheryl[sp?], you closed your eyes. What were you thinking? Why you stay Cheryl?Out of curiosity to see what you all had to say, basically, I mean I'm not saying that I am not for the [xx] is just that what you all are saying really doesn't apply to me.

So if you all can come up with something that while I'm here that does apply to me, then I can go for that but right now this doesn't apply to me at all. Cheryl[sp?], you've shared with me a very intimate and traumatic detail about your. Yeah, I was molested, but that doesn't have anything to do with me and the food.

Because of the denial, I want to bring us out, denial can affect you in many ways. Did your mother know you were being molested? Yeah, she knew.You don't think that gave you the message that you were worthless? No, because you know what I had two uncles, I had a grandmother and a great grandmother that was right there, that more or less raised me.

Cheryl[sp?], if I left my child in your care, would you let someone abuse my child? No, [xx] I have got six kids and somebody better not touch them and everybody knows it. Exactly, exactly, why weren't you worth that? I was. You would do that for my kid.I just went to my mum but that's her problem, not mine.

Exactly, you're saying that now as an adult woman, when you were a little girl which registering is, why wouldn't anyone save me? Why doesn't my mother save me? Now I'm saying this to you because I care about you, because I know part of your story. Let somebody reach out to you and help you, help yourself now and you are tearing up and I'm wondering why? These story just breaks my heart.

That the parents couldn't look after their child. I don't have kids but I know if I did there's no way I would let some man do that to my baby. There's no way. I got to tell you that you are still as worthwhile, each and every one of you, as you were at three, and five, and eight, and nine, and so when you told me about these men who want you to eat, pay you to eat, I had the same guttural reaction that you did when you said nobody better go near any kid of mine.

I say what kind of people are these to be hurting good and decent people who've gone through things in life. Have they no shame? I mean me personally, I'm really actually not really a beater[sp?]. I mean me personally my customers just like women with meat on their bones. Is it healthy? No.

Its not healthy. I can see Pauline on the TV earlier like, I don't want to get that big. Let me ask a question. If you could, would you want to lose a little bit of weight? I think that it would probably beneficial yes, and after seeing, you know Pauline struggle to get up off the couch earlier, I don't, I feel like if I don't do something now and I keep letting it go and letting it go, I have the possibility to end up my [xx], my grandmother was obese, she died of diabetes.

So, there's always, there will be an element of genes, the question is, is that's what's driving the major change, and what I keep hearing over and over again is women who are told that they're worthless, either by a person or by a circumstance, and then especially with abuse what we often see is that you blame yourselves.

No. And you've, we all do, we remarkable built you to do just that. We don't have power and we've spoken about sex and food and how they marry me, and sex at is core is really about power for so many people and you express that power in some weird ways. Food happens to be one of them, which is why I think that it's fed into this crazy scene that I had no idea was out there, but is second to pornography this is the biggest reason people use the web.

So we're going to take a quick break, and then we give you some actual steps to all. We'll be right back.