Why Should I Avoid Caffeine if I Have Multiple Sclerosis?

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This is another kind of controversial issue because a lot of patients are told, in order to help with the tea, we should do caffeine, and that's a short fix. I'm really tired, I have my caffeine and boom, I'm pepped up. But one of the things, and caffeine does multiple things in the body, one of the things that caffeine does is that it increases cortisol levels, so here we are, back at this paradigm of how does stress ultimately breakdown the body?

How does stress start to cause inflammation, of course is a key player, so you're taking something that would make you feel peppier for the next few hours, but if you look again at long term what it's doing, it's actually undermining you [xx] by causing the same inflammatory changes. So it really depend if you're looking for a short term answer or a long term answer.

Other than crappy nerves, it dehydrates your body. So, you're taking something that's actually forcing you to lose water and that's also that's one of the triggers but in [xx], there's just dehydration