How is Stress Linked to Multiple Sclerosis?

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Stress is really starting to emerge as the main factor that causes anything to become a chronic disease and we've identified it in a lot non neurological conditions like cardio vascular disease, diabetes and one of the main hormones involved is cortisol, we consider that one of the main stress hormones. Cortisol does a number of things on your body but one of the things that happens chronic stress and chronic release of cortisol is you get autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions, and so you start to look at the picture of the patient very differently. Rather than saying I woke up one morning and I had weakness on the right side.

You step back and say okay what was going on in your life five years before, ten years before, and typically what happens is things started not feeling well, my digestion started getting hit. I started getting sick more often, my sleep started to getting impaired, and I started to feel like I couldn't catch up in my own life.

I was under more stress and then eventually an event happens.