How Have Therapies Changed for Multiple Sclerosis?

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The most important, perhaps discovery in the last 30-40 years was MRI Technology. So once we got MRIs in the 1983, 84 we started to be able to diagnose MS, and it also became a surrogate marker for treatment efficacy. That led to the first drug that came out in 1993 that was actually shown to be beneficial, and then once you get one drug that works, then you get a handle on the disease and there's been explosion of at least I think over 10 drugs now that are FDA approved for the treatment of MS. So and all of them have different sort of adverse effects but they're getting safer and safer generally and more efficacious.

So because of these choices in medications, in many cases it's like having high blood pressure or a disease like rheumatoid arthritis where you can have multiple treatments that can make a difference.