How Can My Diet Worsen Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms?

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The way that I look at diet is the healthier you are, the better chance that your body has to fight anything that's going on, and so if your is diet consisting of sodas all day long, processed foods, coffee nonstop, where is your body even getting nutrients to be able to repair itself? We know the body has the ability to repair itself, but just anything it needs building blocks. It's a little bit like coming up to a construction site and saying I want you to build his building, but I'm going to take all your lumber I'm going to take all of your steel, but I still want you to build this. Doesn't make sense, does it?

So why would we look at our bodies any differently, and so eating that are high in preservatives, things that essentially our body doesn't even know how to breakdown, where are you providing it the building blocks to make any types of changes in the body? So, the way that we tend to look at diet is, okay, well, what active supplement can I take that will reverse this condition?

If there was a supplement that reversed disease I would be the first person on it. That would be great, that would be wonderful, and then we could continue all the other unhealthy habits, but that's not the way we're built. It's really making choices that promote health and you can't divorce diet from your health.

It'd be nice, it'd be nice to be able to eat that pizza and say this is great and it's getting me healthy, but it just doesn't work that way.