Can Lifestyle Changes Slow the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis?

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The cognitive issues in MS are traditionally a little bit later, and so if you've been diagnosed what I would say is first do all the things that you can to improve your, or reduce your risk factors before them getting worse, starting to eat more nutritious foods, what I call real foods not things that can stay in your shelf for five years.

Go to real foods, things that you can go out in the garden and pick. Start drinking more water, exercise, do something to help reduce your stress like meditation. Because cortisol, one of the things it also does in the brain, is that it impacts the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is important for memory, especially for placing short term memory, and what cortisol does is it interrupts that function, and so helping to reduce the stress level is going to directly give your body, a biological impact that will help them to move on.

So in the early stages it's all about investing into your future and making sure that the cognitive symptoms don't begin, and that is your strongest position before they are even manifested.