Who Is More Likely to Suffer from Lung Cancer?

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What's interesting is in the old days it's was predominantly a male disease, little by little women have almost caught up 50-50 it is really on the rise in women why? Is it an increase in smoking, is it a hormonal thing I mean there are a lot of theories behind it you can't denier the fact that for women there is a societal influence to be thin and when you look at the ads you have a thin woman smoking a cigarette looking very elegant and that is very attractive to some of our young people out there I have two daughters who are exposed to this and so I'm concerned about them feeling the need to stay thin and having cigarettes as a part of a bad habit that they pick up when you look at it there are about at 500,000 smoking related preventable deaths that occur in United States every year.

The best thing is to just avoid smoking so many people look at it as self interactive disease and with all the stigma attached to it is a disease that no one should have and if you catch it early it is treatable it is curable and I think that is where all the research needs to be focused thin on right now because screening for lung cancer saves lives.