What Is the Incidence of Lung Cancer Every Year?

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It is the number one cancer killer in women and men, so when you hear about lung cancer in women, when you hear about cancer in women or women's health, you never hear about lung cancer. You hear about breast, you hear about ovarian, you hear about uterine. When you add all the women's cancers, they don't kill as many women as lung cancer.

Whenever you hear about women's health you never hear about lung cancer. Men, prostate, colon, combined and all those things don't kill as many men as lung cancer, yet lung cancer maybe because people think it is a self-inflicted disease does not get the funding, the awareness that it means so that people will say hey, I was at risk, I need to get screened.

If you can decrease the mortality from lung cancer you will show that overall cancer mortality in general decreases over time because it's such a big part of cancer mortality statistics about 225, 000 a year.