Should I Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

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[MUSIC] If one is at a high risk usually between the age of 15-75, either a smoker, a past smoker or someone that's exposed to second hand small patients who're exposed to asbestos, if they think that they're at a high risk, they should come and see the Doctor that specializes in lung cancer to get a CAT scan.

Many people will say, yeah I want to get screened but I'm worried about the radiation. I'm I going to get so much radiation where I have to worry about something else developing and no, for lung cancer the amount of radiation you get is very very small it's almost about as same as a mammogram, and there was a recent study that came out that showed that screening will help save lives in patients who have one cancer.

And more than in any other areas, screening for breast cancer, screening for colon cancer, screening for prostrate cancer, these new studies that came out on lung cancer show that it makes a huge difference when you screen for lung cancer.