How Should My Lung Cancer Doctor Talk to Me?

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Well, it is extremely overwhelming and when the patients come to you they are scared. And I think it's very important to realize also, from the patient and from the doctor perspective, when you're having a hostile patient angry patient, they're just scared. You need to slow down and make sure you let them know these are your options.

But, you can't just take options and throw it at the patient. You can't say, listen you've got three options here, choose one. They come to you for your opinion, it's up to you to let them know what you think. So, you have to get to know your patient, you have to take that into account with the options that they have, and you need to tell them what you think you would want to have done.

They never leave my office thinking, well, I've got three options to decide from. They know all their options, and they say well Dr. Flores suggests that I need to do this. That's why they are coming to you, so you will not just get options from me. You will get a plan as a patient, basically you just need to go to a doctor that you trust and leave in their hands.

You know, even other doctors who are not in thoracic surgery if we don't deal with lung cancer. They don't know what to do, and they have the whole medical background so how can you expect a lay person to come out of your office, after you've given them their options and decide what's in their best interests up to you to let that patient know what your opinion is.

And then you encourage him. Go see some other doctor, see what they have to say. If your car was broken, and you're getting charged a ton of money you would go to multiple, different guys and say, hey, what do you think? Does this really need to be fixed? With your body, you better get other opinions.