Do Genetics Influence Lung Cancer?

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[MUSIC] As far as genetics, there's a lot we don't know, but when you have a patient, who's had a family history of cancer that raises a red flag in my mind, that patient is at high risk. When I hear that a patient's mum or dad died of lung cancer, I automatically think, alright let's get this patient a CAT scan.

Let's see if there's anything in there because not only is there a genetic component, but if patient's mum or dad died of lung cancer, they probably were exposed to secondhand smoke as well from their parents. There's a genetic component and when you add onto that genetic component that there's an environmental carcinogen that would be synergistic, or work together with that genetic component then if that patient's at a high risk, I don't care what the studies show or what the statistics show, the best way to relieve that patient and trying out whether or not to have lung cancers with the CAT scan.