Avoid Tobacco and Eat Right to Prevent Lung Cancer

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Hi I'm Dr. Miller here with three ways to ward off lung cancer. First, don't touch, smell or chew tobacco. You already know it's bad for you and even second hand smoke can do damage. In places like Pueblo, Colorado where they banned all public smoking the rate of deaths from all causes in non-smokers decrease by 4 to 25%.

That's especially important since 10 to 20% of people who get lung cancer never smoked. Next eat peanut butter, there's a 55% lower lung cancer risk in nonsmokers who got a lot of vitamin E from their diet. You can get this vitamin from peanut butter, nuts and seeds. Load up on water crest and add in some broccoli, cabbage and kale too.

That can lower your lung cancer risk for up to 22%. There are compounds in these veggies called isothiocyanates which helps your body get rid of bad compound before they damage your DNA. For more ways to safeguard your health watch all our smart tips right here.