What Causes My Joints to Pop?

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The third body sound is this. Popping sound. Have you ever made a popping sound? Sometimes. I now want everyone in the audience to do this, right. I want you to go to your jaw, just track the jaw out of its, like this. You feel right in their? The jaw is an interesting joint. It's a very specific role.

Now another joint which is important to us which is the shoulder is a little ball and it fits into a little cavity here, you see that? Now your shoulder often making popping sound because it's not held very well. What holds it well are the muscles, around it, is what allows the shoulders to move in a socket.

What allows the ball top of the humerus to move is that to the muscles around it, you see that? So when you pull on this in the wrong direction, you angle it you can actually pop it, and that can be very painful and not so good for you. So I want to give you an example of what that's like, if you have a punch I pretend this is the  helping joint and this is the joint down here, if you move it forward, you should be able to pop and back, that's normal, that's how the joint is supposed to move, but if you injure these muscles, the rotater cup muscles, this happens nothing, pops right out, it's out of circuit, so you got to be able to do things to protect that.

This is one of the most important things that I'm going to show you today if you're having you just keep one you are going to stand with me like this hold the [xx] in your left hand OK now the exercise is this exercise arm comes out like this your elbow blocked in, hold this around your hands get that go out and in, out and in but that build up the shoulder also and that's one of the reasons that folks have so many problems with their shoulders, because they don't keep that shoulder muscle.

These muscles intact, if you it hurts, you don't want to do that, Becca you have been a wonderful system with us. Thank you doctor. God bless you. We'll be right back. You did a great job.