Relief for Joint Pain

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[APPLAUSE] My biggest concern for women as they age, it's weak and frail bones. A problem that can absolutely wreck, your quality life. But you have the power to keep your bone strong and healthand today I'm revealing how that play my favorite childhood game, operation. [APPLAUSE] Here to play are Susan and Pam, are you ready? Are you ready? Yes.

Yes, we're ready. Pam, so we're talking about bone injuries, okay? For any swelling or inflammation, you should use a hot compress immediately or warm towel around the joint but no more than 30 minutes at a time. Is that true or false? What do you guys think? I think it's false.

It is false. Ice. Ice. Ice. [APPLAUSE]Take it away, take a phone. Remember heat lets you circulate the blood it, worsens inflammation. She goes up to one of the hardest ones all. Can she get it? She get it!Oh goal. Alright..