New Ways to Relieve Joint Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Are your joints seen the blues? That's true for many of us. An estimated 50 million American adults have a form of arthritis, but you can take advantage of new upgrades to try to intrude treatments. For us to arthritis of the knee, standard treatment has included weight loss and exercise especially strengthening exercises for the muscles surrounding the knee.

That tumble can slash pain 50% and slow down joint damage, but don't just strengthen the muscles around your knees or the fun of your thighs, exercise that strengthens the hip muscles like side leg lifts can ease pain in knees by 14% and boost joint flexibility. If rheumatoid arthritis is the source of your pain, you know the tried and true fix has been early treatment with biologics to slow down or prevent joint damage.

If your biologic drug isn't working, ask your doctor about switching to another one or to a non-biologic RA drug. Be patient, it could take three to six months to see improvement. And be persistent, you've got a lot of options yet one in three people with rheumatoid arthritis aren't getting the pain relief they need.

I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to manage pain and live better, check out all of our health tips.