How Can I Improve My Joints?

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He's four now so if he gets a little stiff then I get a little stiff. I see that in a lot of folks. Alright here's my deal. I want you to take omega 3 fatty acids from normacy lubricate the joints and [xx] can actually help put a little bit of meat, a little more viscosity into the meniscus and itcaptures around the joints.

These things and human work very, very well. What do you recommend as a vet? Now the crazy thing is, exactly the same thing and if we were talking earlier the numbness and the redness around the muscle not only to make three fatty acids help with healthy joints but help with healthy skin as well.

And they're very good at free radical scavengers, so this has really helped the skin as well and the joints. Hope we don't start to look like the dogs are whipped up here doing. How do you stretch out your dog? Believe it or not dog yoga is doga. Doga. You do with me I'll do with him all right.

Come on here. So if we show you how to do it here, basically you also have dogs that played ballads where they get way down like this and raise their up in the air when they want to play. So that's the same thing, just like you guys are gonna do the same downward dog pose and we're going to try it over here, you ready? [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] Oh, he did it.

He did it. He did it. Way to go. [LAUGH] All right. Thanks to all my guests. Dr. Becker, wonderful advice as always. Everybody in the studio is going home with a copy of Dr. Becker's new book. You go to for more tips from Dr. Becker. Nice job. Thank you Bobby. [NOISE].