4 Foods for Strong Bones

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with some bone strengthening foods to add to your plate. Your body needs the right foods and nutrients to maintain bone math. Here's the list to help you get started, low fat yoghurt, it's rich in calcium which your body needs to build and maintain strong bones. It might be tough to get all the calcium you need from food even if you eat your yogurt and drink your milk.

So you probably need a supplement to get your 1000 milligrams a day. Salmon, it's a good source of protein, vitamin B12 and of course vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body absorb and use calcium, you can also get Vitamin D from egg yorks and sunshine. Try to get the recommended 1, 000 international units each day and 1, 200 international units if you're a woman over age 65.

Spinach. Leafy greens like spinach have magnesium and vitamin K, two nutrients that help you build strong bones and prevent fracture. Bananas. These grab-and-go fruits are one of the best source of potassium around. Research shows potassium lovers have stronger skeleton. For more ways to build strong bones, watch all our smart tips right here.