What Alternative Treatments Can Help Me Fall Asleep?

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How are you, thanks for bringing your question to us. What is it? I can't fall asleep. Stress keeps me up. I lay in bed just hush be quiet. I do all the things, I exercise, strength train, eat well, no caffeine. This sound familiar guys.Yes, I cant fall asleep. Alright Dr, Catha you hear this a lot I'm sure.

Yeah, I do. Well, of course you're suggesting an explanation stress, we'll all agree that some stress management program could be very important. We'd look for an anxiety disorder that potentially could to be treated. But the other thing that we often do [xx], and it's worth mentioning, I don't know that you would need it.

But often we do a formal sleep study. Polysomnography, because many different things interfere with [xx] for example is far more common than most people realize and more often than not when we send someone for the study. We identify a disturbance in the architecture and that invites the opportunity or a very specific therapy target at that.

Dr. Casta, innovative medicine, what do they say about this? We have a lot to offer you with the sleeping medications. What I really much prefer is using more natural products such as [xx] or [xx] which will enhance your serum tonen which you need in order to sleep. This is also wonderful products and feraly[sp?] and [xx] that enhance gabber which is the natural coming, neural transmitter, the brain chemical that helps you to relax.

And that's Dr. Mall Flowery, what is nutritional tries medicine also has a big problem with this I'm sure, hold it offer. Well, the question, we recognize that sleep has to be a combination, a cooperation between your mind and your body and the bridge between a busy mind and a lessors body is your breath.

So, we use your breath to regulate your sleep cycle and in fact that's what the basis of meditation is. So, what we have actually this little device that I brought so that you can see using it to regulate, it's try. I'm going to close the shades and the into the ass, but it same like can't getting you around to really make this settle your breath.

Okay, so what we need to do is we need to actually dim the elites? Yeah, so you want to hold right about there? Yeah. Come on Corry, come makeover here. Ok, else we will do this together. So, this focus on the light and everyone participate for a moment here, and just spokes on take a deep breath as that light comes on, and then exhail like go all your worries, and stress and your tension from your body, so using device like this which you can get online, very simple, inexpensive, that they helpp you boost next door, or online you can use that to sort of help you accomplish meditation or breathing techniques.

Have you ever heard that before? Never, no. Take it home with you. It's the actual.