Does Drinking Wine Before Bed Help with Sleep?

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Welcome back to the best and worst of 2010, are you exhausted? Well are you? Yeah! A lot of folks are exhausted these days. Well, if you haven't been getting your seven hours without shutting an eye well pay attention. I'm going to tell you the best and the worst ways to get a good night sleep.

But first I need my assistant of the day, I love this segment. Alright. If your name is Emma in seat nine. Thank you doctor, give me a hug. Good. So, that's your seat nine now? You look good, I'm so happy you're here. I'm so happy to be here. Do sleep well? Not so good. You're not too good? Yeah! Did you sleep well last night? No, I was so excited I was coming here.

That's a good reason. I'm going to do this, talk a little bit about how you get your zzzs, I want to know how much you know about this. Okay. We'll talk about the best and the worst I'm going to reveal three things you might want to do at night, and I want you to tell me if they're the best or the worst ways to get through a night's sleep.

Or if you rather help her if you want. Alright, come on girl. The first one affects your brain. Okay. So, you like the brain? It's pretty quite interesting yes. You guys see how fast this organ is? You can sort of see that they're rolling around but, the brain is a very, very weird place.

We don't like to understand all the [xx] and the subtleties of how you turn it on and off, but we know a little about what makes it go to sleep. So, number one question. Does drinking wine before bed work? Is it the best solution for sleep? What do you think? Miss. Yeah I think it helps.

You think it helps. There's no one else seems to think that they also said no you are going to stick by your gun what do you think? Okay no, no No, no, no. I think it's the worst. Well, it is the worst, it is the worst. And the reason is, alcohol can help you fall asleep, but it can't keep you asleep, it alters the brain chemistry, and as a result you get poor quality sleep.

Often times you'll wake up in the middle of the night only a few hours after you tried to fall asleep, and because that sleep ocupestra[sp?] is destructed, you're stuck, the pattern that you're supposed to have, the nice brain waves that goes through the four different stages, and then puts you in that dream state that rem state it's gone.

And without that balance to sleep, you can't get rested. We're actually dependent on the longer you sleep through the night, the more you have those ocupectural[sp?] shifts that you were supposed to have to get us that deepest thought of state, so our call is the worst. What's the best? To drink at night? Milk, maybe? Well, milk is a very good answer, and milk works but I didn't want to give you milk, because everyone knows milk.

So, to add the milk, I'm going to give you one other idea. I'm going to give you something called Chamomile Team. Have you ever heard of that? Yes, I have. Take a sip and see if you like it the natural sedative anti-ex-city properties are found tipping in what do you think. Delicious.

You feel karma now? Absolutely. Good along.