The Best Potatoes for Your Heart

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Hi, Dr. Oz with an eat smart tip for you. Potatoes sometimes get a bad health rap but you don't have to kick them off your menu, just choose the right spud. Certain varieties can have quite information in your body that sets the stage for disease for heart disease, the cancer. Yukon gold potatoes have delicious buttery golden flesh, they also have inflammation-fighting antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids, and in one study volunteers who ate a cup of yukon gold everyday for six weeks, helped lower their blood levels, interlooking sex.

That's a compound that promotes inflammation at the top data, is the purple potato, this [xx] helps lower levels of sea reactive protein, a protein that also cranks up inflammation, and to add more inflammation to your youcan gold and purple potatoes, pair them with leafy greens. These greens have lots of vitamin K too, yep, you guessed it, fight inflammation.

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