Omega-3, Fish Oil and Inflammation

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Sort of your depression can omega 3 fatty acid or fish oil reduce inflammation on people who are over weight or obese yes a study look at what happen when patients are given between 1.25 and 2.5 grams of fish oil daily, researcher found that inflammatory marker what we'll do the four months of treatments Now what type of illnesses can information lead to? All claimers disease, heart disease you name it what  kind person have too much fish oil like say take a supplement but you also eat a piece of salmon?  You know it's hard to take too much fish oil when you do you know it.

 And isn't it also such a mood enhancing, or? Yea, it can help your mood, it helps your cognitive function, there are a lot of benefits to fish oil, but it can increase bleeding. So that people really need to be careful. They have bleeding problems.