What Are the Most Prominent Head and Neck Cancers You See?

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There's two world wide epidermics. One is thyroid cancer, and if you look through the data and you look at the NCI website you'll see that thyroid cancer has become an epidemic particularly amongst young women and we're seeing more and more cases of this every year, right now I think it's more commonly diagnosed about 6.5 times more than the next most common cancer.

The other epidemic that has really consumed us has been the HPV associated throat cancer that most people have heard so much about. As you may know, this is a viral-associated cancer, it's derived from the most common sexually transmitted virus, Human Papilloma Virus and as cervical cancer 20 years ago became an epidermic.

This has now trailed behind and is on the upswing to become one of the most common cancers that men face, surpassing cervical cancer in terms of the number of cases into prevalence.