What Are Some of the Emotional Aspects of Living with Hepatitis C?

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Hepatitis C can become a challenging illness to work with because many people end up feeling helpless, that is this a disease that can ever be cured, will it cause liver problems, will I get cirrhosis, how will this affect my life span, how long will I live, will I be able to tell other people that I have it, how will the view me? There is unfortunately a stigma associated with hepatitis C, and many people have to live with this.

One of the common things that we see associated with hepatitis C is depression, and that's for a variety of reasons. Some people think that the depression may be result of the fatigue that's associated with the illness, other people think that the illness, because the virus does across the blood brain barrier that there might be physical changes in the brain and that can cause a depression, perhaps as a result of the treatment, some of the side effects of the medications involved of depression, and one other theory is that perhaps people with hepatitis C might have already had depression to begin with and perhaps on whisky behaviors cause them to engage increase the risk of of contracting hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C can affect a number of people, and there's a variety of ways in which one person can get it. Some of it might be involving, blood transfusion, in fact I know somebody who's in the medical profession and it's part of their job, contracted the illness, and he's having difficulty struggling with how do I tell my partner? But we can find that if you can confide in someone and get social support rather it's in the form of perhaps groups, your local hospital, really tying to engage a support system, and trying to address some of the issues of fatigue can help alleviate some of the depression that we see associated with Hepatitis C.