New Innovations in the Treatment of Hepatitis C

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In the past, I think there was perception that there might have been stigma around hepatitis C. But, at the present point in time, the recognition large number of people actually have hepatits C. They've not come forward for one reason or another, probably a lot of having to do with the type of treatment that was available, and it's also unfortunate low rate of efficacy until recently.

Treatment has dramatically improved, first in an array of success from 10% to 25, 45 around 75 most recently. And soon to be anywhere from 95-100%, so that's one advantage. The second is toreliability, their previous treatments, someone lacked in tolerabilities because they were injectables but at this point and time we're very excited that we'll probably have oral therapy only for hepatitis C pills.

With the new treatments coming up they should be simple enough, that any internal medicine physician should be able to administer them. They would be just a pill or two once a day for three months, with virtually no side effects, with your agents, no drug interactions. It will be like treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, it will not be difficult.

The major issue of course will be the cost of new therapies, and how the third party payers can look at this period. But, I think with the competition coming up between the pharmaceutical companies, adjustment in the cost we made such that we'll be able to make this available to everybody who needs the treatment.

I'm very much an optimistic, I'm not so sure, I'm an optimistic on the vaccine quite yet. The virus is very good at mutating its surface and developing resistance to everything that we've tried so far. I may be wrong but that's going to be a little bit more of a difficult issue than the actual treatment of the disease.

And unfortunately, once you get hepatitis C once it does protect you against getting it again, you can get it again a week later. Get treated again a third time, so there is still unmet need for vaccine.